- In Integrative Counselling: Analyse Tridimensionnelle

Tri/three dimensional signifies the focus on the person's discourse as expressed through:

THE BODY - How does the person express themselves? What signals are given out?
THE PSYCHE - How does the person psychologically experience their personal history ?
THE SPIRIT - How does the person perceive life and meaning?

- In Clinical Psychopathology Bruno Dal-Palu. www.generation-formation.com


I seek to integrate a way of working in terms of :

being attentive to symptoms and the pain they can cause
taking into account the logic of a person's inner structure and personality
above all, respecting a person as a unique subject.


Principally, I integrate the following counselling theories :

Person-Centred Relationship
It is based on a real relationship and an interactive dialogue with the aim of:

clarifying how the person adapts to their personal difficulties and paradoxes
enabling a person, within the reality of their strengths and weaknesses, to implement growth.

It is directed by the transference relationship, being attentive to the dynamics of the inner world of the individual and relational dynamics that may occur between the individual and the practitioner. This is to help the person:

gain awareness of their internal functioning which may be a source of conflict or discomfort for them and those around them
◊ become less divided in their personal identity, and more at ease in relating to others

This particularly when working with couples, in order to :

draw attention to the family myths/structures which may both enrich and or contaminate the couple system.